Monday, June 4, 2007

I had fun one afternoon with the idea of mixing up animals. see if you can find out what animals I mixed in.
I was at a coffee shop, having some coffee, doing some reading and few sketches. you know relaxing. Up until this jerk sits right next to me when the shop is basically empty. Non-stop talking on the cell phone, I mean from the time he walked in to when he sat down. Loud. I thought he was trying to talk with some one across the street. So I drew this while he yelled. I felt like I was turning into this thing so I could bite off his head.
One day I was riding my bike around town like always. Trying to beat my last time of one hour. I had a great pace, my last time would be crushed. But of course while on a small sidewalk this lizard shoots out from the shadows across my path of the racing tires. I had no choice but to slam the brakes and dodge out of the way from crushing his small little helpless life. From the sudden change of direction on my behalf. It causes my bike and body to go flying into the bushes which stops me from landing in the busy rush hour traffic. Thank you bushes! I had saved that damn lizards life. Almost a trade for mine own. Back on the bike knowing I couldn't beat the time now. I just think while riding. what if that lizard makes is way to a toxic waste dump and grows up into a lizard monster. Eating every thing in its path, no stopping it. Like a real life monster. I could of saved the world and a few cuts and scraps. Maybe I'll run over the next one.
Here is an idea of a city made out of skulls on top of a mountain. The only way to the top is to fly. So there will be cool animals that can fly...
Just another shot of the temples. This one is from the faded path.
I have a big fear of getting lost. When I was a boy I use to have nightmares of being lost. The one I wont or cant forget is my nightmare in the jungle. So why not mix up dreams with story ideas. Well this one is pretty crazy. I don't want to give it all a way.Oh well! A man crash lands in the deepest part of the Amazon. Not knowing if help is on the way he starts to look for a way out. He wonders on to a path. After a few hours on a old faded path he discovers a temple cutting past the horizon along tree tops. Its the lost city of the dead. hard on the eyes to take it all in because the size of each temple. The view from the side of the mountain is breath taking. He makes his way down to the bottom. As he gets closer to the bottom he notices the sun fights through the jungle to each him. Its like night time on the jungle floor. What he does not know is the creatures of the dark a wait his arrival in the City of the Dead...