Game Assets

Concept art for a card game. It was only work on for a couple of hours. It was a brainstorming dinner where we would work on different game ideas. I was able to paint these little guys which was way fun. Much different and way more awesome then the assets for the current games at that time.  

These are coins I did for a card game named War Of Omens.

In Game Screenshot.
Icons for the game.

Casino Quest
I did the map and the haunted house slot Icons.

Characters I did for Pawn Stars the games.

Background paintings for the Parking lot on Pawn Stars the game.

Here are some vehicles for Pawn Stars the game.

These cars had an option of different paint jobs. I only posted a few but there are over 20.

This was for Top Shot the game. It's the desert valley level range.

This was the large map for the different level ranges.

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