Wednesday, January 30, 2008


GRRRrrrrrr! If I had a picture of what my hunger would look like, well here you are. A raging beast. GRRrrrrrrrrrr! When lunch time hits I run down Powell to find the best place to calm the belly beast. Wraps, sandwich, Burrito, any thing will do. Just feed it now. Just playing, this is a sketch in the book I colored in Photoshop. I want to get better at coloring. So I have to keep working...

Sweet Dreams

As a kid I use to have bad dreams. Who hasn't right! but some times it felt real. No I mean really, real. Like remembering smell. Maybe it's just having a over active imagination who knows. But this guy is real. I never told any body about this guy before. I haven't seen him since I was about 9 years old. He was no taller then a dog. Maybe about 3.5 or 4 feet high. he smells like old milk. only seen him on cold nights. I will never forget his smile and his red little eyes. Little feet and hands with long sharp nails. Rags for cloths and buckle with a upside down cross on it. He never did any thing to me, just stood in the corner where the light didn't reach. all I could see is the red eyes. In a whisper with his low gargled voice, he would say. Sweet Dreams!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Monster of the Creek

Hey remember playing with frogs and crawdads as a little one. Well I do. I was a dirty kid, in fact I remember going exploring in the sewers. I saw some crazy things down there...


So I like Wolverine.


SharkYeah sharks are scary and every thing, but what if it was half human hmmmm....

whada Bird

For some reason I like birds that can't fly!

On Lincoln Ave.

Well this is a bite off my friends idea a while ago. But its a good one. Most of the older ladies in Miami Beach look like this. HOT! I actually saw her on Lincoln ave while I was drawing at Starbucks. She had black hair with a plastic bag and brown mop dog. So I changed her. Didn't have a pic of the Ave so I used the stadium, I was there with my brother last year. Any way just wanted share.

The blood line

The family tree is deeper then I thought.

Peace all around us

This is a Bonzi tree I did for my brother. I have been looking at designs in mother earth. Its truly amazing. So here you go.

Blood and Victory

Just playing with an idea of a warrior that never lost.


Some people just have it in them.

Not so small any more

When ever I go for a run or a bike ride I see these lizards run into the shadows as I pass. There mainly around the creek bed of a little bridge. Some times I stop and look under the passover. I have a feeling that some thing is watching.

I want some thing sweet

What would I do if I couldn't draw monsters and aliens???